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A gasket is a compressible material, or a combination of materials, which when clamped between two stationary members prevents the passage of the fluid across these members. To prevent passage of fluid, the gasket must be able to flow into (and fill) any irregularities in the mating surfaces being sealed, while at the same time be sufficiently resilient to resist extrusion and creep under operating conditions. The seal is effected by the action of force upon the gasket surface (usually by bolts), which compresses the gasket, causing it to flow into any surface imperfections

Gasket Materials


Wide varieties of materials are used in the manufacture of gaskets. This section is aimed at providing a brief overview of the common materials. For simplicity they are divided into 4 parts.

• Elastomeric materials
• Fibrous materials
• other materials
• Metallic materials

Non asbestos gaskets compressed fiber jointing sheets
CAF/Non Asbestos Gaskets are die cut or circle cut from compressed non asbestos jointing which are manufactured from carefully selected chrysolite fibre intimately blended with suitable heat resistant binders etc. and vulcanized into sheets of homogenous compositions and uniform thickness. CAF/Non Asbestos cut gasket seal is affected by yielding or flow of material into the imperfections of joint contact faces. In this way gasket provides an unbroken barrier of homogenous structure through which no pathway exist for escape of confined media.
A_Style 5000 Aramid fiber, mineral fiber with NBR binder
Temperature max: 370℃,
Pressure max: 70bar
Colour : green
Application: Water, Steam, Oils, Gases, Chemicals
B_Style 5100 Aramid fiber, mineral fiber with SBR binder
Temperature max: 370℃,
Pressure max: 70bar
Colour : blue
Application: Water, Steam, Gases, Chemicals

C_Style 5200 Aramid fiber, mineral fiber with SBR binder
Temperature max: 370℃,
Pressure max: 70bar
Colour : black
Application: Water, Steam, Gases, Chemicals

D_style 5300 Aramid fiber, mineral fiber with NBR binder
Temperature max : 250℃
Pressure max: 40bar
Colour : red
Application: Water, Steam, Oils, Gases, Chemicals

Standard Sizes
Size: 1270 x 1270mm, 1270 x 3810mm, 1500 x 1500mm, 1500 x 2000mm.
Thickness: 0.4mm to 5.0mm
2_Rubber sheets

Rubber Gaskets for Heat Exchangers
We manufacture rubber gaskets, heat exchanger gaskets for plate type heat exchanger of different make and models like Alfa Laval, GEA, APV, Pasilactherm, Hisaka, Filtron /Fischer, Praj/ Reheat, Rifox/ Swep. Our product range includes rubber gaskets for any type and make for plate heat exchanger can be developed & manufactured by us within a specific period. Our plate heat exchanger gaskets manufacturing range varies from 200mm to 3000mm length i.e. smallest to biggest.
Available Materials:
• Nitrile
• Epdm
• Viton
• Neoprene


Physical Properties
72 degree Celsius to high temperature resistant up to 315 degree Celsius, Minimum compression set, resistant to impact shocks, vibration, radiation, corona-Ozone, Infra red, Ultra violet rays.


Chemical Properties
we manufacture rubber heat exchanger gaskets to withstand/resistant destructive effect of most of the organic & inorganic fluids.

Metallic gaskets for Heat Exchanger
BJSEAL manufactures a wide variety of heat exchanger and metal-clad gaskets. Among the most requested styles are double-jacketed gaskets, Kammprofile, corrugated gaskets, and solid gaskets, all available in a choice of metals and filler materials. Custom configurations of heat exchanger gaskets are also available. Spiral windings can be designed with or without partitions welded to the winding, or inner and outer rings with welded partitions.
Jacketed Gaskets:
A great many styles of jacketed gaskets are available. Among the most requested are the single jacketed, the double jacketed, the single jacketed overlap, the double jacketed corrugated, and the double jacketed corrugated with corrugated metal filler.

1_Single Jacketed
Generally used where the radial dimensions of the equipment sealing surfaces only allow space for a narrow width seal. Single jacketed gaskets are constructed by encasing the soft filler material on one face and both edges.

2_Double Jacketed
The double jacketed gasket has good compressibility and resilience and is the most popular clad gasket manufactured.

3_Single Jacketed Overlap
Construction of this gasket offers more filler protection than the standard single jacketed design. It is especially useful for applications where the radial dimensions do not allow space for a double jacketed gasket.

4_Double Jacketed Corrugated
This gasket employs a corrugated jacket to increase resilience. It is suited for circular and non-circular applications in widths of 3/8" and wider. If slight leakage should occur across the primary seal at the inner edge of the gasket, the concentric corrugations act as labyrinth seals.

5_Double Jacketed Corrugated with Corrugated Metal Filler
This unique multi-ply construction provides a more resilient gasket that adapts well to temperature and pressure cycling problems. The temperature limits of this gasket are governed only by the metal selected.

SELCO SEALS – The Ultimate Gaskets
For Permananent Sealing use the SELCO SEAL. Made in the USA this brand of seal has been used for many years to very great effect. With the SELCO seal you can virtually “seal it and forget it ’’SELCO SEAL gaskets are fire safe and prevent blowouts (tested at >5000psi on #2500 flanges). They have excellent tightness characteristics and offer easy installation with no handling losses. The gaskets use binder less flexible graphite and there is no loss of seal under wide fluctuations of temperature and pressure. They offer a permanent seal so there is only need to replace them at maintenance turn rounds. SELCO SEAL gaskets meet or exceed all current EPA fugitive emission requirements.

SELCO SEAL self-locating gaskets are easy to install and offer great savings to systems requiring gaskets in a variety of different pressure ratings. The self-locating version of the seal is shown here in position with 150psi flange on the left and a 2500psi flange on the right. The same seal fits all pressure ratings from 150lb through 2500lb.

As flanges are closed by tightening bolts, the walls of the channel are reformed until the Graphoseal gland bears the full closing pressure and tilts the channel entirely. The lamping force transfers to the seating element, exerts a unit pressure far greater than that of an ordinary gasket. The steel walls of the channel thus lock in the seal and give additional protection from oxidation, corrosion and blowout.

• Fire Safe but non-asbestos
• Eliminates leaks completely
• Lower bolt torque required to seal
• Impossible to over-torque
• Much improved gasket life
• Temperatures to 3300oC
• Full Vacuum to 10,000psi (665Bar)
• Replaces virtually all other gaskets
• Unlimited shapes and sizes
• Great in all flanges, Heat Exchangers, Valve Bonnets, Soot Blowers, Manway and Handhole, sight glasses     etc.
• Can be fabricated in any metal or any sealant material

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